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As we specialize in our short term vacation rentals with our Tiny Homes, we also support Stone Canyon Homes in other ways. We are an authorized dealer and can most certainly help you get a home of your dreams. Homes are custom built to order. As a tiny home provider, we believe in providing numerous options to ensure your home is suited not only to your taste, but your lifestyle. Our tiny home designs include a variety of floor plans that each have a unique feature to be set apart from the rest. We offer customizable premium options available to you – from luxury appliances to custom exterior paint, we want to ensure you will love everything about your new tiny home.

Please find the 2021 Stone Canyon Home's Catalog below. If you are interested in any of the models please give us a call at 205-525-5562 

and we can discuss your future home.


      About Stone Canyon:

Stone Canyon Homes is a luxury tiny home builder located in Brilliant, AL. We use the best materials and designers when building our tiny houses, so you can rest assured that your home will last for many great memories to come.

Our brand’s staple is the leading level of service we provide our Buyers. Each of our clients is as important as the next, and we strive to deliver nothing less than world-class support from start to finish. Every tiny home is designed to capitalize on space and efficiency while adhering to the highest standards of construction.


      Why Choose Stone Canyon?

Here at Stone Canyon Homes, we are constantly evolving. Not only do we listen to our Buyers, we listen to the market, applying any new-found knowledge into our business practice to better serve customers.

We offer a variety of tiny home floor plan packages that can fit different needs of any Buyer. Each of our homes are fully customizable from exterior and interior finishings, and materials, to appliance upgrades.

Whether this is your first time or fourth time purchasing a custom home, specifically a tiny home, we understand the process comes with great detail, even if the structure itself isn't the standard-sized home.

That being said, with smaller square footage, we as a builder have to make the most out of every square inch of space. But no fear, with the time and thought we've put into engineering each of our tiny house floor plans and researching material that can withstand the elements and the test of time, this is our specialty. 

(Information pulled from Stone Canyon Homes Website)

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