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24/7 Access Valet Indoor Storage

All the amazing features of our Valet Dry Storage in a fully enclosed private slot that you can access 24/7.

Simple, Convenient launching services have your boat in the water by the time you get here with a simple push of a button on our app. 

Dimensions: 40 Ft Deep/14Ft high/11Ft wide

Benefits of Valet Dry Storage:

  • Unlimited Valet Launching - No limit, so come out & enjoy your boat as many times as you want. Marina will fill the boat up with fuel (93 Non-Ethanol) if requested

  • Speedy Dock Launch Requests - We are proud to be the only marina on Logan Martin to offer you the ability to request your boat by app. Not only can you request a launch, but you will receive a confirmation text when your request was received, when your boat is launched, and when your boat has been pulled out of the water. All we ask is you make the request about 30 min before arrival.

  • 24/7 Fuel Dock - We have two gas pumps. One on land to have you filled up prior to launching and one one water should you need to refuel. Both of our pumps are a convenient 24/7 pump should you need fuel after we close.

  • Boat won't crank? - We offer up to 10 minutes of our time free of charge to try and help you get your boat up and running. If issue can not be determined we can write up a service order to get it in line for repairs.

  • Battery Charging - Our Indoor stalls have power plugs to plug in your maintainer for your batteries. 

  • Boat Cleaning - We have multiple boat washing area's available if you want to come and wash the boat yourself. We supply the power and water. You bring the supplies. We also have detailers available if you would like to pay to get your boat washed. 

  • Need mechanic work? - We specialize in minor services and maintenance work but team up with local marina's to be able to take care of any mechanic work you may need. If we can't fix it we can arrange it to be taken care of. 

Indoor Storage Pricing:
$250 a month. No additional fees.
30 Day notice to cancel

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